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Sweating for the Wedding! Meet Christine & Matt

Von Despina Borelidis

Couples that sweat together stay together!

Für Christine kam die Transformer Challenge#1 zum perfekten Zeitpunkt: Drei Monate vor ihrer Hochzeit startete sie voll durch, verlor 8 kg, reduzierte ihren Körperumfang um 47 cm und ihren Körperfettanteil um 4,7%! Ihren Mann Matt Behrens steckten Christines Erfolge so an, dass er begann, mit ihr zusammen im Red Room zu trainieren – zuletzt für die HYROX Challenge. Wie haben die verschiedenen Challenges ihren Lifestyle verändert und welche Benefits ziehen sie aus den gemeinsamen Workouts? Hier kommen Tipps und Insights von Matt und Christine.


How did you convince Matt to HIIT it with you, Christine?

Very slowly. Matt has seen me go through all the Challenges at Urban Heroes so far! When I started working out more than two years ago, I immediately took the first Challenge. Then I went through Hardcore Week and the Summer Challenge. When I saw the Transformer Challenge #1, it was three more months to our wedding – so I knew it would be a perfect motivator to keep me fit for our wedding!


Did you have a specific fitness goal for your wedding?

Yes! But it was not about losing weight or getting that six-pack: I was trying to make sure I was the best version of myself!


… and you did lose weight! You lost almost 18 pounds!

Yes, and 4,7% body fat! We got our suits made in Hong-Kong last year. Matt stayed pretty much the same, but I lost a lot of weight. I had to adjust my wedding dress to make it fit! What a great feeling!



What else has changed since the Transformer Challenge?

I have way more energy. It’s the little things, like going up the stairs without huffing and puffing. I noticed that with regular exercise, things are going much easier. I can go further now! Also, it helped me create healthy habits. Today, we still choose better meals because of the Transformer Challenge! 😉


Matt, how did you support Christine throughout the Challenge?

I gave her space and positive encouragement. I told her „You’re looking good! Keep going!“ I was obviously telling her that it’s working, because I was seeing her progress.


Did the Transformer Challenge also affect your lifestyle?

Yes, the first few weeks of Transformer Challenge were really hard. It was a strict diet for Christine. So, I could not take her out for pizza! That was difficult. It was an adjustment period: She had to get used to it and I had to get used to her doing it.


What made you start working out at Urban Heroes, Matt?

I was inspired by Christine’s progress. When we returned after our Wedding in San Francisco I wanted to compete in the HYROX Challenge with her. So, I entered the Red Room.


How did you like it?

Very much! I was happy to go with Christine. Until then we had different gym areas. I have a Crossfit Background and also went to other gyms, while Christine was working out at Urban Heroes. I liked the change from Crossfit. HIIT seems more focused to me and less technical.


When working out together, do you get competitive, Christine?

Yes! I am competitive. But, I know that I can’t really compete with Matt. He is built differently to me. I work on it to be athletic. For him it’s much easier. For example I am still working on getting used to sprinting at 20. When we started working out together at Urban Heroes, I was definitely faster than Matt. But he has long legs and is sprinting at 20 regularly now!

Any tips on what it takes to work out as a couple, Matt?

I think it’s fun to push each other, but you must know and understand that your partner needs her own space and that she has her own limits.


Christine, what do you think – does Urban Heroes work for couple workouts?

Definitely! At Urban Heroes we are able to have the same experience on different levels, to train in our own limits, in our own space and without any pressure. We are not working out directly next to each other but we love seeing each other from across the room or in the mirror. That’s fun and keeps us motivated.


What are some relationship benefits of working out together for you, Matt?

I like to watch my wife working out, that’s nice! I appreciate that. Working out and being fit together means building a body that’s going to stay with you in 50 years. If we are together in 50 years, we want to be healthy.  



What are some advantages of working out together for you, Christine?

Having a bonding experience, sharing quality time and creating healthy habits together. As a couple you get comfortable really quickly. Instead of ordering a pizza tonight and doing nothing, you could go for a HIIT Class! Maybe you’ll have the pizza afterwards. Maybe you will cook a different meal together or just have a protein shake! In any case you will feel happier! You will have a new experience after a workout and talk about it.


What do you love especially about Urban Heroes, Christine?

The Challenges – I did all of them! Also I like that it’s on my way to work, it’s community based fitness, it’s scheduled and that knowledgeable instructors tell me exactly what to do. When I work out I don’t want to be worried about what to do next, or if I am doing it right. I want to turn off everything and make sure that I am focused on what I need to do. I like this „Go, go, go“ and „Faster!“ and „Now change!“ from the Residents. Urban Heroes checks all the boxes for me.


Matt, do you have favourite Classes?

Yes, the Xtended Classes! We both liked them very much. The HYROX training was also great! We were working out in the HYROX group and we went to HYROX as group with Urban Heroes. That was wonderful!


What’s the next Challenge on your bucket list?

We will move back to San Francisco, although it will be difficult to replace Urban Heroes. We will definitely miss it. Invent a new Challenge and we’ll return!